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Console Configuration

Now that you have everything configured in the code, you need your app to be configured in our console so that you can start sending notifications.

In order to create the app, click here or go the applications page in the console.

In the following form, you will be asked for some details. Some are relevant for managing an app in general, and some specifically address authorizing and authenticating SendMan as a service that can deliver notifications to your app(s).
Read about the required fields in the 'Add Application' section, describing our console .


It is important to define the type of application, as the Apple Push Notification Service works with two sets of servers and tokens — for testing and production — that do not work together.
Test environments work with apps that are run via Xcode while Production environments are associated with the other common types of distribution, like TestFlight or the App Store.

Next Steps

Now that you have everything configured, you can start sending notifications! Head to the templates page of the console to begin.